Sublime Text 4 For Mac v4107 强大的代码文本编辑器

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摘 要:Sublime Text 3 For Mac v4107是由黑苹果社区搜集的一款功能强大的代码文本编辑器,如果你是一位开发者肯定对它一点都不陌生吧?Sublime Text 4同时...
Sublime Text 4 For Mac v4107 强大的代码文本编辑器
所属分类:开发工具 适用平台:macOS 10.12.6 或更高版本 软件版本:v4107 最后更新:


Sublime Text 4 For Mac v4107是由黑苹果社区搜集的一款功能强大的代码文本编辑器,如果你是一位开发者肯定对它一点都不陌生吧?Sublime Text 4同时支持Windows版、Linux版和Mac版。而且他还支持各种插件、各种配色、各种主题界面,让你怎么看着舒服怎么弄,并且可以提升你的开发效率,小编不管在Windows下还是Mac都在使用Sublime Text 4。这款Mac软件最新版本为v4107。


Sublime Text 4 For Mac v4107 强大的代码文本编辑器 Sublime Text 4 For Mac v4107 强大的代码文本编辑器 Sublime Text 4 For Mac v4107 强大的代码文本编辑器


Version Build4107:
    • 在发布本文时尚无发行说明。
Version Build4102:
    • Mac: Fixed window title appearing in the wrong location in the Adaptive theme
    • Fixed a sidebar selection bug with the last file in a folder
    • Folders in the sidebar can be recursively expanded via alt+arrow key
Version Build4083:
    • Improved Jump Back and Jump Forward commands
    • Added advanced options to the draw_ _white_ space setting
    • Auto Complete: no longer triggers at . or -> when there is an identifier to the right
    • Auto Complete: auto_ complete_ trailing_ symbols is now disabled by default
    • Auto Complete: cance lComplet ion will no longer prevent manual invocation
    • Files with the same filename, but in different groups, will now show path info in tab to disambiguate
    • Resolved bugs when two views of the same buffer had different color schemes
    • Relative line numbers are now correct when using a block caret
    • Fix closing read-only files when save_ on_ focus_ lost is true
    • Popups now better constrain themselves to the available window space
    • Corrected OpenGL rendering to not accidentally reuse textures in certain circumstances
    • Various crash fixes
    • Various syntax highlighting improvements
    • Syntax Definitions: prevent a crash when "extends" was combined with a context containing no patterns
    • API: added sublime. QuickPanelItem() with support for kind info, annotations and basic minihtml
    • API: plugins may now add selections to the Jump Back history list via the add_ jump_ recordcommand
    • APl: plugins may suppress selections from the Jump Back history list via the jump_ ignore_ selection region
    • APl: plugins may now disable the default HTML and CSS completions
    • API: Renamed TextChangeL istener . remove() to TextChangeL istener . detach()
    • API: Fixed a crash with TextChangeL istener
    • APl: Added and Buffer. file_ name()
    • APl: Added View. sheet() and View. sheet_ id()
    • APl: Added Window. selected_ sheets() , Window. selected_ sheets_ in_ group() and Window. select_ sheets()
    • API: EventListener.on_ selection modified() is no longer fired on non-selection state changes
    • Linux: added handling for GTK touch events
    • Mac: editor context menu now shows the correct cursor
    • Mac: cursor is no longer set when Sublime Text is not the foreground window
    • Mac: macOS 10.14+ no longer uses custom lBeam cursor for dark editor panes
    • Windows: corrected display of new windows to prevent flashes
    • Windows: fixed hang when the compositor is disabled, removed setting to disable vsync
Version Build4081:
    • Changed default color scheme to Mariana
    • Various syntax highlighting improvements
    • Improved popup window behavior
    • Improved performance when loading files with very long lines
    • Improved quick panel sizing logic
    • Improved behavior of find_ under_ expand
    • Improved snippet behavior
    • Improved subl behavior when choosing which window to open a file in
    • Improved undo history serialization performance
    • Added highlight_ find_ results_ in_ scrollbar setting
    • set_ file_ type command now accepts "scope:" prefixed syntax names
    • Fixed white flashes that could occur in some circumstances
    • APl: Added sublime . TextChangeListener , replacing the now removed on_ text_ changed()
    • APl: show_ quick_ panel now accepts placeholder text, via the placeho lder argument
    • APl: Added sublime . syntax_ from_ path() , sublime. find_ syntax_ _by_ name() ,
    • sublime. find_ syntax_ by_ scope() , and sublime. find_ syntax_ for file()
    • APl: Removed sublime. find_ syntax()
    • APl: Added View. clones()
    • APl: Added Sheet. is_ semi_ transient() and Sheet. is_ transient
    • APl: CommandInputHandler now has an initial_ selection() method
    • API: sublime. executable_ path() , sublime. packages_ path() ,
    • sublime . installed_ packages_ path() and sublime. cache_ path() may now be called at
    • import time
    • Windows: added setting to disable vsync
Version Build4076:
    • Fixed a crash regression in 4075 with missing embeds
Version Build4074:
    • Auto Complete: Ranking quality improvements
    • Auto Complete: Added auto_ complete_ use_ history setting to control if previous choices are
      automatically selected
    • Added additional settings to control the status bar: show_ sidebar_ button, show_ indentation
      and show_ syntax
    • Added relative line numbers, controlled by the relative_ line_ numbers setting
    • Color Schemes: Added support for the underline font style
    • Color Schemes: Added new property, inactive_ selection_ border
    • Added setting hide pointer _while_ typing
    • Console now uses Python syntax highlighting by default
    • Windows, Linux: Added Shift+F10 key binding to open the context menu
    • Fixed folder dragging in the sidebar
    • Further improvements in layout preservation when programmatically editing preferences
    • APl: View. add_ regions() calls that add an underline now have that underline applied towhitespace characters
    • APl: Added sublime. INHIBIT_ REORDER
    • API: Window. new_ html_ sheet() now accepts the sublime. ADD_ _TO_ SELECTION flag
    • API: Window. new_ html_ sheet() no longer accepts cmd and a rgs parameters
    • API: Fixed a regression in View. split_ _by_ newlines()


Sublime Text 4 For Mac v4107 强大的代码文本编辑器
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