Clover v2.4k r4497 最新黑苹果四叶草启动引导 两版齐发

摘 要:Clover v2.4k r4497是由黑苹果社区编译的最新版黑苹果四叶草启动引导工具,不知道四叶草的开发团队怎么了,大半月没有更新,导致制作的最新版macOS High Sier...
Clover v2.4k r4497 最新黑苹果四叶草启动引导 两版齐发
所属分类:四叶草 适用平台:Mac+UEFI 软件版本:v2.4k r4497 最后更新:


Clover v2.4k r4497是由黑苹果社区编译的最新版黑苹果四叶草启动引导工具,不知道四叶草的开发团队怎么了,大半月没有更新,导致制作的最新版macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 (17E199)只能使用v2.4k r4418,此次更新没有什么大变化,小编也跟往常一样制作了PKG版和EFI版。并添加了最新支持10.13.4的无代码apfs.efi,折腾最新版黑苹果系统的童鞋,可以使用v2.4k r4497这样可以事半功倍。


Clover v2.4k r4497 最新黑苹果四叶草启动引导 两版齐发Clover v2.4k r4497 最新黑苹果四叶草启动引导 两版齐发Clover v2.4k r4497 最新黑苹果四叶草启动引导 两版齐发Clover v2.4k r4497 最新黑苹果四叶草启动引导 两版齐发Clover v2.4k r4497 最新黑苹果四叶草启动引导 两版齐发Clover v2.4k r4497 最新黑苹果四叶草启动引导 两版齐发Clover v2.4k r4497 最新黑苹果四叶草启动引导 两版齐发Clover v2.4k r4497 最新黑苹果四叶草启动引导 两版齐发


  • [r4497]adopted Clover to new injection method
  • [r4496]sync edk2 svn r27233; Discard obsolete patches
  • [r4495]fixed RenameDevices feature
  • [r4494]Fix rest of svn properties
  • [r4493]avoid infinite loop at renaming devices
  • [r4492]Fix more svn properties
  • [r4491]Fix some svn properties
  • [r4490]Patch to Performance.h introduced in r4419 is obsoleted by r4426
  • [r4489]fix a mistake of 4468
  • [r4488]Discard unneeded leftover patches
  • [r4487]fix a problem that Device->Properties was not injected
  • [r4486]Fork Patches_for_UDK2018 from Patches_for_EDK2
  • [r4485]correct EFI_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS casting from pointer
  • [r4484]use STATIC patterns for find and replace
  • [r4483]create new tag cache if old one is ended
  • [r4482]update plist memory management, tickets 467, 468
  • [r4481]better shell.efi
  • [r4480]Remove more build products from source control
  • [r4479]shell improvements
  • [r4478]Discard empty folder
  • [r4477]Reengineer vararg patch to GetBestLanguage(), discarding 6 patched files
  • [r4476]Remove build product from source control; Add option '-D NO_CLOVER_SHELL'
  • [r4475]clean from xcode dirt
  • [r4474]add Shell.proj for xcode
  • [r4473]correct using GetBestLanguage in Shell
  • [r4472]compatibility with UDK2018
  • [r4471]FixMCFG should not be always TRUE
    XCODE8 is default toolset
  • [r4470]corrected acpi patching
  • [r4469]sync edk2 svn r27213
  • [r4468]RenameDevice is new ACPI patching feature
    fix regions as set in dropped SSDT
    other ACPI patching improvements
  • [r4467]correct properties parsing
    set PlatformLang to be en-US
  • [r4466]new way to make Device Properties
  • [r4465]sync edk2 svn r27187
  • [r4464]remove patches for EDK2 Shell
  • [r4463]ShellPkg will be internal Clover project
  • [r4462]advanced plist parcing
  • [r4461]more recent mtoc utility
  • [r4460]Fix MCFG as proposed by vit9696
  • [r4459]dont delete recovery-boot-mode if new AptioFix used
  • [r4458]Fix type mismatch for hibernation RTC correction read/write
  • [r4457]Fix mistake from last commit
  • [r4456]Fix revision 4453: Hide default boot file paths instead of skipping them
  • [r4455]Upgrade GCC to 8.1
  • [r4454]prevent console mode on Insyde
  • [r4453]Hide default boot file paths instead of skipping them
  • [r4452]fix osversion issue for macOS Install Prebooter partition of APFS
  • [r4451]use STATIC to avoid memcpy, by vit9696
  • [r4450]RTC patch for Hibernation, by vit9696
  • [r4449]fix FileVault entry of High Sierra
  • [r4448]consider FileVault of High Sierra, prepare netinstall and clean a part of read osversion
  • [r4447]add new card GTX1060
  • [r4446]improve Reset NVRAM with clean for maintenance
  • [r4445]check for MAX_RAM_SLOTS, be Jief Machak
  • [r4444]correct wrong part with clean from r4443
  • [r4443]fix potential cosmetic issues for name of Mac OS X/OS X/macOS
  • [r4442]utility will be 64 bits
  • [r4441]CloverUpdater will be 64 bits
  • [r4440]consider the standard location for boot.efi of InstallDVD, InstallESD and BaseSystem.
  • [r4439]prepare to next improvements
  • [r4438]use [email protected] for 2K monitors
  • [r4437]gEfiHashAlgorithmSha1Guid is not Protocol
  • [r4436]Properly implement gEfiHashAlgorithmSha1Guid in build system to prevent double or no definition
  • [r4435]fix a rare case that osversion cannot be read and cleanup for maintenance and new macOS ready
  • [r4434]workaround for hash protocol guid
  • [r4433]gEfiHashAlgorithmSha1Guid is multiply-defined in MdePkg/MdePkg.dec
  • [r4432]cleanup installation file location info and correct macbook8,1 hd vals
  • [r4431]Wrong line endings
  • [r4430]Polaris card name depends on card revision
  • [r4429]fix a bug with ACPI FixHeaders
  • [r4428]protect reading MSR at only CPU that support it
  • [r4427]FixHeaders should be in common ACPI section,
    it is not DSDT only fix
  • [r4426]sync with edk2-26797
  • [r4425]fix the double entry issue and cleanup boot.efi path of usb installer
  • [r4424]consider startosinstall for 10.13.4 and add ice lake igpu device id list
  • [r4423]Fix an issue with the unicode collation protocol GUID not being properly included in the INF for bdmesg.efi
  • [r4422]update platformdata
  • [r4421]correct wrong parts from 4120
  • [r4420]cleanup and fix 10.13.4 USB installer issue and OS version detection issue
  • [r4419]sync edk2 svn r26764


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